Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning in Sugar Land, TX

Pressure Washing Sugar Land also provides exterior window cleaning for our residential and commercial customers.  For the very best results, it is always a good idea to have the windows cleaned following house pressure washing.

Many times windows get overlooked but they are actually extra important because they are seen from the inside as well as the outside of the home. Most homes have somewhere between 20 to 40 windows which takes up a fairly significant part of the wall space – and they are generally the primary or only source of natural light!

Depending on just how hard the water is in your part of town – pressure washing can leave a slight haze or water spots on the glass.

We use a 5 stage water purification system and a tool called a water-fed-pole to clean exterior windows so there is nothing left behind.  If you decide to hire us to power wash your home we extend a discount on the normal price for window washing.

Window cleaning can be a pretty dangerous chore and, if not done properly, can leave the glass looking worse than it did be fore…and that is pretty frustrating!

Multiply the frustration of wasting an whole day on attempting to clean the windows and at the end of the day the glass looking streaky and you have recipe for a bad day!

These, and more, are the reasons you need to leave it to the professionals with the right equipment get it done quickly, safely and get the glass looking as good as possible.

Window Washing Sugar LandWhen cleaning exterior glass, we generally use a tool called a water-fed-pole that enables us to stay safely at ground level in nearly every circumstance.

The system also achieves a superior and longer lasting clean because there isn’t any residue remaining on the glass like may be left by other techniques.

As hot as it is most of the year in Sugar Land, Stafford, Missouri City and all of Fort Bend County, it can be pretty close to impossible to wash windows with the old fashion squeegee or Windex techniques.

Our method delivers better results, quicker and helps to keep the glass looking clean longer – it ‘truly a win win win!

Contact us today to schedule your appointment for pressure washing and exterior window cleaning an take back the pride in home ownership!