Concrete Cleaning

Driveway and Parking Lot Cleaning in Sugar Land, TX

If you don’t keep up with regular cleaning of your concrete it will begin to turn black and even green from dirt, mold and mildew. This discoloration isn’t really preventable caused by the humidity and landscaping in Sugar Land, Stafford, Missouri City and all of Fort Bend County.

If you have large trees or downspout that directs rain water on to your concrete then you know just how quickly concrete can become an eyesore.

If your driveway, sidewalks, walkways or patios are starting to show their age, let us restore them and remove all the mold and mildew living on your concrete! We can turn back the clock on your surfaces and make them look like they did years ago!

Most concrete is completely exposed to outdoor elements like rain, humidity, foot traffic, and lets not forget about  the animals and insects!  Professional concrete pressure washing generally requires a tool called a surface cleaner to best results..

sugar land concrete cleaningIn order for the surface cleaner to work it requires larger commercial pressure washers and more water than a standard garden hose will usually put out.

If you have endured watching someone power wash concrete using just the wand, then you witnessed the number one, erroneous way to clean concrete.

This would be like cutting down a tree with a pocket knife (and yes, it is that crazy). Plus, using a wand can leave streaks in the concrete which are extremely difficult to remove and balance out again.

Since your concrete is very porous, you must understand that some liquids can be quickly absorbed right in.  Think hot motor oil, cooking grease, transmission fluids.  These liquids are literally designed to NOT break down with water, and they withstand high heat because they have to!

Some of these problems can be permanent once they have had a chance to set into the concrete surface, and in our experience they can never fully removed.

We can completely clean the blackest and greenest mold and mildew stains. Most power washers will give up on this task or just don’t know how to safely remove these nuisances, but we can and have perfected this method which makes us the best option for cleaning in this area.

There’s no good reason to hire a less knowledgeable power washing company when you can be confident that Pressure Washing Sugar Land will get your concrete looking it’s best!

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