Ground Water Storage Tank Cleaning in Sugar Land

Pressure Washing Sugar Land has spent the last week cleaning several ground water storage tanks throughout Sugar Land.

This is quite an interesting commercial power washing project as it requires us to clean round objects over 2 stories up – including the roofs!  The tanks had developed mold and mildew along with a lot of dirt build up over time.

The roofs are almost flat but have a slight dome on them to allow rain water to drain off.  Unfortunately the roofs had high spots and low spots which allowed water to collect and settle which is a breeding ground for the black mold and mildew.

The roofs are really important because if they remain dirty and covered in live growth the mold and mildew will spread quickly down the sides of the tank again.  Some of the development on the sides of the tanks was also black which required a stronger detergent to remove than a standard green build up.

Fortunately we are experienced in this type of project so we knew just how to handle it.

We were able to clean each location in just one day with the exception of a location that had a completely different issue.  One location had stripes running from top to bottom that were bonded to the paint through a process called electrostatic bonding.

This issue is very common on gutters where rain water runs down the metal in the same path over and over and the metal electronically charges the dirt and attracts it to the metal and paint.  In order to remove, or lighten these stripes when doing a house soft washing project we have to break the bond using a non-hydroxide based degreaser. This is extremely laborious and quite challenging on a tank that is around 35 feet tall!  We have overcome all the challenges and the tanks look great and the paint will now last much longer which will save Sugar Land residents the cost of repainting for many more years to come!

We are the experts in ground water storage tanks and hydro-tanks in Sugar Land including the ones in Greatwood, Sweetwater, Avalon, Meadows Place and New Territory!