Fall Is Just Around The Corner – Time To Get The House Clean

Now that we have finally made it to September the cooler weather is just around the corner!  For me personally Falls is probably my favorite season for weather.  I really like that first day when a brisk winds blow through and you first think to yourself (because if you think out loud it is called talking) I should probably be wearing a sweater!  As the weather changes it also a great time to evaluate the exterior of your home and see if there is some room for improvement or some minor maintenance issues you may have ignored because it was just too hot to be outside!

Take a good look at your yard.  It is probably about to go more or less dormant soon so it may be a good time to winterize your lawn, fertilize, put down some top soil, and aerate.  You can do all these in one day if you put your mind to it and the efforts will pay off over the next few months and your yard will be ready to look great next spring!

Take a look at the mulch in your flower beds.  The rain storms we have had recently are likely to have washed much of it away and replenishing it now will help your flowers and plants survive the winter and look great.  You can buy it by the truckload or just have your landscaper do it for you for a reasonable charge.

Have your house and concrete pressure washed.  The mold and mildew have been growing all spring and summer and now that the temperatures have cooled they growth will slow down somewhat so it is a great time to get the mold and mildew killed and washer away.  This will have your house looking great now and keep it looking great for the upcoming holidays.

Follow these tips and enjoy the outdoors more this fall and well into the winter!